Invented in 1986, puts TESLAR Tech inside the TESLAR wristwatch to help strengthen the body’s biofield. The TESLAR technology is encased in copper foil visible inside the watch. he TESLAR Chip is not simply a piece of copper, and is not related to “copper” bracelets, similar medallions or necklaces using copper.

The TESLAR technology is a proprietary technology with its roots in research done by Nikola Tesla in the 1900s into electrical coils and energy resonance.

Due to manufacturing and technological differences, the TESLAR Chip does not resemble a standard integrated circuit (IC) chip found in computers, cell phones and other similar technologies.

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How it works

The TESLAR watch there is a specially designed TESLAR chip. This innovative, state-of-the-art technology works with the watch’s standard components:
1) The watch battery, which creates an electric field
2) The quartz-crystal timing coil, which creates a magnetic field

The TESLAR chip interacts with these two fields to create a zero-point (scalar) waveform, a waveform alive with checked and balanced energies. It is created in such a way that it mimics the earth’s natural frequency, providing protective energy with the tick of every second. The TESLAR Chip was designed to emit a unique 7 to 9 Hz Alpha wave signal that interacts with and strengthens your body’s own electromagnetic energy field. Similar to the Earth’s natural 7.8 Hz signal and the Alpha wave signals emitted by the brain when you are calm, meditating, or doing yoga, or when athletes are in states of high performance, this TESLAR Scalar signal also helps reinforce your energy field against the possible negative effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Much like listening to a clear radio broadcast free from static, the TESLAR Chip helps your energy field filter out annoying and potentially harmful electromagnetic “static” such that your body can stay closer to its peak performance, both physically and mentally.
The TESLAR Chip may help your body resist the negative effects of daily stresses such as: poor sleep habits, hectic work environments, and constant exposure to electronic pollution caused by cell-phone systems, computers, and many other electronic devices.

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The TESLAR chips inside the watch are specially designed to help strengthen the body’s own natural electromagnetic energy field. They create a unique signal which is similar to the earth’s natural frequency and brain signals when in a calm, meditative, or relaxed state.
Strengthening the body’s own energy field may help the body resist the negative effects of daily stresses such as: poor sleep habits, hectic work environments, and constant exposure to electronic pollution caused by cell phone systems, computers, and other electrical sources . As a result of the “TESLAR Effect”, wearers have experienced:
 Deeper, more restful night time sleep
 More calm and less tension
 Improved concentration and ability to focus
 Increased levels of energy
 An over-all improvement in well-being
a) The TESLAR chips inside the watch interact with the dual quartz watch movements.
b) The watch battery generates an electric field and the quartz movement coil creates a magnetic field.
c) The TESLAR chip uses these two electromagnetic fields to create a unique third field that pulses at 7 to 9 times per second (7 – 9 Hertz frequency).
d) This is the same frequency range as the Earth’s own natural energy state.
e) This is also the same range as signals emitted by the brain when in a calm or meditative state or when athletes are in states of high performance.
f) This signal of calm and relaxation travels through an energy channel starting in the left wrist to the rest of the body’s energy field.
The TESLAR technology is not a medical device. The TESLAR technology was designed to strengthen the body's own energy field with a natural 7 – 9 Hz signal. TESLAR Inside Corporation, the manufacturer of the TESLAR watch, does not make any claims as to direct health benefits from wearing the watch.
The TESLAR watch was tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL, the nationally recognized product safety testing organization) in 2002. It is safe to wear for anyone who can safely wear a standard wrist watch.
It is important to remember that the human body is complex and no two bodies are the same. Some people may experience tingling or warm sensations as soon as they put the watch on. This will typically fade after a short time. Others may not feel anything obvious. Both reactions are common. And in both cases, the TESLAR technology is working effectively, though the wearer may not be conscious of any physical sensations.
NOTE: Some people may experience a slight detoxification effect within the first few days, as their body is adjusting to the TESLAR signal of calm and relaxation. If one starts to feel this effect, which might include slight discomfort or nausea, we recommend slowly adjusting to the watch as follows:
wear it as long as comfortable (whether a few hours or days), remove it for some time (a few hours or days), wear the watch again as long as comfortable and then remove it once more, if necessary. Continue this process until able to wear the TESLAR continuously without discomfort.
This is due to the typical pattern of energy flow through the body. In order to receive the maximum benefit of the TESLAR technology, the watch should generally be worn on the left wrist to ensure the signal is carried throughout the body.
* If after wearing the watch for a few weeks you or those around you notice no significant changes, or if this proves simply ‘uncomfortable’, you can try wearing the watch on the other wrist, as this may be a sign that your energy field flow requires that you wear it on the right wrist.
*Acupuncture uses energy channels in the body to restore balance. The TESLAR watch uses an energy channel that is known to activate the immune system. It begins in the left hand and interconnects with the other channels in the body, enabling the TESLAR technology’s signal to be carried throughout the body.
The TESLAR technology begins working through the body’s electromagnetic field immediately, and the TESLAR Effect continues while wearing the watch. Due to our almost constant exposure to stress from chaotic work and living environments and the increasing use of electronic technology from cell phone systems, computers, fluorescent lighting, etc., we recommend wearing the TESLAR 24 hours per day, even while sleeping.
* IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend not wearing TESLAR during intentional, brief exposures to very heavy electromagnetic fields such as those found near MRI machines or other similar equipment. Such exposure may adversely affect the life of the TESLAR chip
The TESLAR chip warranty is 5 years. If the chip turns another color (see next question) contact TESLAR Inside Corporation. The batteries average life is 1.5 years and must be replaced by an authorized TESLAR service center to ensure proper functioning.
The TESLAR chip mimics a natural signal associated with calm and relaxation and begins to work through the body's own electromagnetic field the moment it is put on the wrist. As long as it is worn on the wrist, and as long as the watch is keeping time (i.e. the batteries are working) and the external TESLAR chip casing retains its shiny copper color, this natural signal will continue to interact with your energy field.
Over time, electronic pollution, everyday life stresses and even illness can accumulate chaotic electromagnetic energy in the body’s field. When this happens, the TESLAR chip, which performs much like a fuse and regenerator against these factors, can become overloaded and turn darker, typically a purplish color. If one notices the TESLAR Effect gradually diminishing, they should check the color of both TESLAR chips through the windows. If one wishes to restore proper functioning, the watch must be returned for Teslar chip replacement to the manufacturer.
Numerous studies have been performed on TESLAR technology by researchers since 1988, including research on its effects on immune cells, nerve cells, the physical structure of water, effects on professional athletes, EKG patterns, and the body’s electrical characteristics.
Studies have shown increased immune cell reproduction, balancing of components in the nervous system, electrical balancing of the body’s energy channels, positive effects on sleep habits, among other findings. More information is available by contacting us on the contact page.
The TESLAR technology, while utilizing electromagnetic field principles, is otherwise unrelated to magnets, medallions or copper bracelets. The TESLAR technology is an active technology that produces an oscillating signal which helps to strengthen and reinforce the body’s own energy field. TESLAR Inside Corporation makes no representation of or comparison to magnets or other similar passive devices.
It is perfectly fine if the watch is a bit loose. It is also not critical whether the watch case itself is worn on the inner or outer side of the wrist.

It is best, however, that nothing come in between the watch and your skin (like clothing or other bracelets).

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